San Antonio and Greater Texas Construction Accident Negligence

The state of Texas has become notorious for a lack of construction safety. Recently, the Department of Labor announced increased enforcement of construction safety regulations in San Antonio Texas. An unacceptable 67 workers have died on the job in 2008, and another 33 died to date in 2009.

There are many types of Texas industrial accidents that occur needlessly, and they occur as a result of employer negligence and failure to implement safety measures. For example, cranes often tip over causing injuries. Crane injuries are often due to inadequate warnings about the load capacity of the crane and the altitude those loads can be lifted. Cranes possess devices that warn if a dangerous load could potentially cause a crane to tip over.

Forklift injuries in greater San Antonio are also common especially for the operators of stand up forklifts. The operator backs the forklift and is injured by materials that penetrate the position where the operator is standing or the operator’s foot or leg is just outside the platform and the leg or foot is seriously crushed. Forklift manufacturers are easily able to install “falling object protection” devices that prevent forklift injuries.


There are numerous types of industrial equipment accidents that result in injuries or death which could be prevented through redesign and safeguards. A San Antonio and greater Texas personal injury attorney can determine such alternative designs and safeguard simply by reviewing the patents on the equipment.

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