Ten (10) Rules for Dealing With the Police in San Antonio Texas and Bexar County

Invariably, during my practice, I have come across multiple cases in which I could have mounted a strong defense on behalf of an accused party if they had simply not waived their constitutional rights. The police are trained to place an accused in a false state of comfort so they begin talking. However, an accused has no idea that the police are secretly videotaping everything especially on a San Antonio DWI charge. In the alternative, they do not understand that even if the police are not recording their testimony, the police are taking note of everything that is being said.

Can you imagine a jury having to weigh an accused suspect versus a police officer as to who said what ? The deck is already stacked against the suspect, even if the person is perfectly innocent.

Here are the 10 Rules for dealing with the Police:

1) Always be calm and cool
2) You have the right to remain silent – SHUT UP and EXERCISE THAT RIGHT! If you feel uncomfortable, ask for a lawyer. LAWYER UP!

3) Do NOT CONSENT to searches! Even if you have nothing to hide, you never know what a relative, friend, or previous onwer might have left in the case (ex. a marijuana butt). Emptying your pockets on command is a form of consent. Verbally refuse ; never physically refuse.

4) Don’t get tricked! i.e. Police are allowed to lie to you to get you to waive your rights.

5) Am I free to go ? (Are you detaining me or am I free to go ?) DO NOT WAIT FOR THE OFFICER TO DISMISS YOU – simply askign this question helps you a great deal.

6) Don’t expose yourself! Do not be a public nuisance and attract attention.

7) Don’t run.

8) Never touch a cop (can get you tasered or charged with felony assault)

9) I’m going to remain silent – I’d like to see a lawyer.

10) Report misconduct – be a good witness.

11) You don’t voluntarily let the police into your home. Period. “I can’t let you in without a warrant!”.

To that end, I draw on the following videos to educate the public about 10 basic rules when dealing with the police.

If you have been the victim of Texas police misconduct, you stand a better chance of winning your case if you play by these rules. Also, if you follow these rules, a San Antonio criminal defense attorney can mount a strong defense on your behalf.

Watch and learn:

10 Rules for Dealing with Police – Part 1

10 Rules for Dealing with Police – Part 2

10 Rules for dealing with Police – Part 3

10 Rules for Dealing with Police – Part 4

UPDATE: Please read about this new Supreme Court Case on the right to remain SILENT and what you must do to protect it.

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