Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents in San Antonio and greater Texas

It is a parent’s worst nightmare. You hear that your child entered the area of a swimming pool and sustained a serious injury like quadriplegia. As the weather heats up, swimming pool injuries and accidents rise in San Antonio and greater Texas.

Many Texas residents do not know that swimming pool injuries often occur due to the negligence of the swimming pool owner. For example, perhaps the owner fails to properly mark the depth of the pool. In some cases, the owner may have failed to install a gate to keep small children out of the area of the pool. What about temporary swimming pools which often lead to injury as well ? We often hear about people diving into pools where the water depth has not been properly labeled or where water depth is incorrectly tagged (i.e. the water depth is shallower than marked).


In addition, owners have to be wary of structures from where a person can dive into a swimming pool from a height that can cause paralysis or death. Negligence actions by an experienced San Antonio and greater Texas personal injury lawyer can help you achieve justice when a home owner does not safeguard their swimming pool.

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