Texas Auto Accident Injury : Making your personal injury case strong

A Texas personal injury attorney will be able to assist you if you do your homework following an auto accident. There are certain checklists about the details of an accident that you should bear in mind when you bring your case to a qualified motor vehicle accident lawyer in San Antonio.

For example, note where the accident happened; the physical and mental condition of the other driver; time of day (darkness, sunset, dawn); position of the vehicles; observations before impact; point of impact; force of impact; and factors affecting visibility. An auto accident in Texas , especially San Antonio, can be affected by the angle of the sun, rain, curves or hills, and even a dirty windshield.

After your serious or minor auto accident, you should compile information regarding each vehicle owned including the name of the owner and also whether the vehicle involved was empty or loaded (affects force of impact). You will be asked about the specifics of the collision including positions and speeds of other cars. In Texas law, the personal injury liability will fall on certain facts affecting the driver’s negligence including intoxication and speed.

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If you are a pedestrian injured by an automobile, you may be asked questions about distance, corrective lenses, color of clothing, and obstructions. Personal injury damages in Texas are also an issue. Were there prior claims or lawsuits? Who were the treating physicians and what did they treat the accident victim for? Were you rendered unconscious? Where were you taken after the auto accident and what types of tests did you undergo? X-rays? MRI?

A qualified motor vehicle attorney will focus on your present pain and suffering after the auto accident, your medical expenses, loss of earnings, and property damage.

It is up to the Texas attorney to aggressively pursue the defendant’s insurance carrier and determine the adjuster’s willingness to handle legal disputes. The lawyers will also focus on witnesses such as eyewitnesses and statements made by the defendant to witnesses or the injured person. In the end, if you are injured in an auto accident, stay alert and write down everything. Take pictures if you can of personal injuries and property damage at the scene. You will have done you and your personal injury lawyer representing you a great favor!

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