Texas Auto Accidents and Spinal Cord Injury

In a serious Texas auto accident, a law firm can confront one of the most difficult cases : a plaintiff who suffers a spinal cord injury. What exactly you may ask is a spinal cord injury? A high spinal cord injury during an auto collision refers to an injury to the spinal cord at a level of C4 or higher. These types of injuries can occur in a car crash, but they can also result from a fall or sports related injury. In San Antonio and throughout the state of Texas, high spinal cord injuries are devastating and costly for the plaintiffs and their families.

A personal injury attorney must confront the paralysis of his client whenever injury occurs at the C4 vertebrae level or higher. Often, a significant injury to the spinal cord will cause the plaintiff to stop breathing shortly after the vehicle crash. Some paralyzed plaintiffs are able to be resuscitated at the scene of the accident. Neurological complications can occur. For plaintiffs injured after the age of 29 with neurological complications, the survival rate drops to about 50% after 10 years. Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) becomes the leading cause of death for victims over 55 years. With expert medical assistance and treatment , families and care givers can minimize the massive effects of high spinal cord injuries on a plaintiff’s ability to breathe.

A plaintiff’s attorney confronted with such a devastating injury will enlist medical experts to analyze medical records, develop case chronologies, and prepare pain and suffering reports. The right documentation is the key to securing a large recovery. A Texas injury lawyer will work with experts to prepare life care plans, prepare medical illustrations for trial, and assist with the preparation of settlement brochures.

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