Process of Finalizing Texas Uncontested Divorce

In our last blog entry, we discussed elements of the uncontested Bexar County divorce decree. A New Braunfels uncontested divorce lawyer must generally wait at least sixty-one (61) days after the filing of the divorce petition before finalizing the divorce decree. There are exceptions where the waiting time may be reduced if there are instances of family violence. Each county specifies policies for setting the final hearing. It should be noted that some counties do not require physical presence of the parties if the parties execute an affidavit proving up the divorce decree.

Your family lawyer will make sure the prove-up reflects the requirements including living in the county for at least 90 days and in Texas for six (6) months, and whether children are involved.

There are specific closing divorce documents including child support withholding orders through the Texas Attorney General , warranty deeds, qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO), specific tax forms as to the tax treatment of child dependents, name changes, and powers of attorney over vehicles.


If at some point an uncontested divorce becomes contested, a San Antonio divorce attorney will generally begin hourly billing rather than the flat rate normally charged. In order to save costs, some people will only try to engage an attorney in drafting the divorce petition or decree. It is probably best to engage a Texas family attorney for the entire process to avoid headaches down the line. A divorce lawyer can assist you with critical elements of either uncontested or contested proceedings. The attorney will have the necessary checklists and knowledge of the local rules to ensure a smooth transition from the dissolution of a marriage.

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