Deaths from Xarelto

Xarelto uncontrolled bleeding continues to wreak havoc as more and more families are filing wrongful death actions in federal court. Michael Baseluos is a blood thinner lawyer who is well versed in xarelto bleeding problems. The pattern is all too familiar. Uncontrolled bleeding leads to death. The defendant manufacturers are alleged to have engaged in scheme to defraud the public by intentionally misleading the public and doctors about the inherent defects of xarelto, which include lack of an antidote to rivaroxaban, the technical name for xarelto. Xarelto hemorrhages are on the rise along with uncontrolled internal bleeding due to the lack of an antidote. The original FDA approved warnings did not contain any mention of the lack of an antidote.


Rather than being upfront about the lack of an ability to reverse a xarelto bleedout, defendants such as  Jannsen Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, and Johnson & Johnson chose instead to hide this very important fact in the overdose section of the label. The unsuspecting Xarelto user is then subject to the blood thinner side effects that lead to life-threatening complications which lead to death.

The defendants, who are currently facing lawsuits in the Eastern District of Louisiana and Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, are also alleged to have duped medical personnel including ER doctors and surgeons, as well as hematology and cardiac specialists.  There are over fourteen thousand (14,000) lawsuits in the federal courts alone, and over one thousand (1,000) cases in the Philadelphia Court alone. One of the key differences between whether to file in the federal courts in Louisiana versus the Philadelphia Court of Common Please is the issue of ischemic strokes. This is a new condition in addition to the uncontrolled bleeding found in those injured from xarelto. An ischemic stroke is the result of a blood clot that clogs an artery leading to the brain. Such blood clots are often associated with the buildup of plaque in the arteries, a condition we often refer to as atherosclerosis. Ischemic strokes can be caused by clots in the neck (carotid artery) and other major arteries. While the Eastern District of Louisanca is not accepting xarelto stroke lawsuits, the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas is accepting claims of stroke caused by rivaroxaban.

Another key difference is that the Philadelphia court is allowing efficacy claims on blood clot injuries that xarelto should have prevented. The argument is that due to  xarelto’s one time per day dosing, the patient does not have the anticoagulant protection needed to get them through to the next dose, leaving them extremely vulnerable to xarelto bleedouts. The 1x per day design was simply a marketing ploy designed to help Jannsen, Bayer, and Johnson & Johnson get an advantage over the makers of Paradaxa and Eliquis, which need to be taken multiple times on a daily basis.

If you have a  family member killed by xarelto, Michael Baseluos can help. A xarelto lawsuit can help get you or a family member injured by xarelto the compensation you deserve. To date, there have been over one hundred fifty (150) deaths from xarelto. With over $1 Billion in sales and well over a million prescriptions, Xarelto is a ticking time bomb for many patients who receive the drug to treat complications that might arise from atrial fibrillation. The FDA has received well over 2,000 complaints concerning side effects of taking xarelto, reflecting uncontrolled bleeding, hemorrhaging and death.  Other side effects include gastrointestinal bleeding, intracranial hemorrhage, stroke, and death. Baseluos Law Firm (BLF) is assisting citizens nationwide in obtaining sizeable xarelto lawsuit settlement amounts.











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