Gardasil Vaccine Injury and GBS After Effects

A growing number of vaccinations including the influenza vaccine and now the newly minted Gardasil vaccine against the cervical cancer Human Papilloma Virus are increasingly suspected of causing the Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).

GBS is a disorder of the neurological system characterized by uncontrollable muscle twitching, fatigue, and symptoms reminiscent of a recent stroke. Recovery does occur but in some case people may continue to have strong debilitating effects over a lifetime. Pulmonary complications and debilitating fatigue are the most common residual after effects.

Gardasil specifically is creating a special set of side effects that mirror the symptoms of GBS, including numbness and tingling, hair loss, extreme fatigue and weakness, and encephalopathy (seizures). Over 16 million does of Gardasil have been distributed to combat cervical cancer, but there continue to be questions about the side effects.

A vaccine injury lawyer can obtain a damage reward to cover important areas including medical expenses, income loss, long and short term care, permanent disability, and the loss of occupation. In addition, in the event of a loss of a loved one, vaccine product liability lawsuit and / or medical malpractice suits may be in order.


One suggestion to develop a model of those individuals who are most likely to develop GBS following vaccination in order to take the necessary precautions against vaccinating such individuals and lower the incidence of vaccine injury. The fact that Gardasil has been expanded to cover males teens only underscores the need to practice better preventive medicine.

Because the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a voluntary system, there is a greater possibility that the incidence of GBS following vaccinations such as Gardasil is being grossly underreported and there may be a greater incidence of side effects and vaccine injury.

A Gardasil lawyer can work with you in filing a suit for vaccine compensation and if necessary a Gardasil lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies such as Merck.

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