Texas Product Liability Injury Drug Immunization Law

In San Antonio and throughout the State of Texas, millions of children undergo potentially dangerous vaccinations and immunizations. While the majority of children and adults are not harmed by these drugs, some Texas residents can experience severe side effects, including seizures, retardation, encephalopathy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and death.


In 1986, Congress established the National Childhood Vaccine Compensation Act to prevent infectious disease while providing compensation to those suffering vaccine-related injuries. Part of the motivation of Congress in establishing this act was to keep the price of vaccines low while giving families the opportunity to obtain compensation quickly without a potentially lengthy lawsuit. A person then has the option of declining any award under the program and pursuing a lawsuit in Texas state court.

If you suspect you or a loved one such as a child has suffered a vaccine-related injury, you must act quickly. Under the Vaccine Program, there are Limitations of Action provisions. If you do not file a timely petition with the Vaccine Court, you may be barred later for seeking compensation from a harmful reaction to a vaccine in a lawsuit in Texas state court.

The Vaccine Program has strict time limitations as follows.
1) A vaccine-related injury must be brought within three (3) years of the date of administration of the vaccine OR three (3) years of the first manifestation of injury from a vaccine, or in a death case two (2) years from the date of administration of the vaccine.

Seek the advice of a Texas products liability attorney if you have been the victim of a vaccine-related injury. If you do not meet the time deadlines above, you will have no way of obtaining compensation under the program and you will forfeit your right to pursue a lawsuit in state or federal court.

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